This is the “WE ARE FOG” work in progress (demos) page, new songs below.
All songs written July to August 2019.
Released tracks can be found at https://wearefog.bandcamp.com

Flesh On The Bone

Your Days Work Done

The Honorable Dance of the Lived & Loved

Yellow Star

Pretty The Hangman

Bojo The Clown

Diamond Days

When You Start To Croon

Jess Phillips

We’re All A Like

WE ARE FOG is a musical collective from Carmarthenshire featuring the duo of Sputnik Weazel (formerly with The Men They Couldn’t Hang) on vocals, ukulele & other noise making devices, and multi instrumentalist – R.Mary.
Since releasing the 12″ vinyl album “The Dice Man Speaks” (2018) in collaboration with the author Luke Rhinehart, Sputnik has been exploring various musical avenues, but recent events have left no choice but to get vocally polemic.
The band will be heading out to play live (& busk) later this year.
Oh yeah, If anyone knows of any really good country punk fiddle players who might be interested in this rag taggle leftie Ukulele & Bass adventure, please let us know… Nik

We are Fog and we fly
(Jack Kerouac – The Big Sur)

Contact us here: wearefog.bandcamp.com