Voxel Astra

Scored for konnokol (vocal percussion) and small orchestra
Work in progress…

The following piece is currently being revised.

Part 1 PDF Score here.

In Hinduism, an astra is a supernatural weapon, presided over by a specific deity and imbued with spiritual power, a voxel is a 3d pixel… in this instance, an auditory one.

Eb5 Lie Scale:
G#0 (-10) F#1 (-9) Eb2 (-8) B2 (-7) F#3 (-6) C4 (-5) F4 (-4) A4 (-3) C5 (-2) D5 (-1)Eb5 (+1) E5 (+2) F#5 (+3) A5 (+4) C#6 (+5) F#6 (+6) C7 (+7) G7 (+8) Eb8