Dark Energy = Intervalic Potential

As a way into this theory, let’s first commandeer theoretical physics and modify everything ever written about dark matter & dark energy. If we replace the terms “Dark Matter” with “harmonic interval(s)” (the vertical space between the notes) & replace “Dark Energy” with “intervalic potential“, we have a conceptual framework for SIT.

As follows:

Dark Matter = harmonic interval(s)
Dark Energy = intervalic potential

Example 1:

the galaxy Dragonfly 44, is composed almost entirely of harmonic intervals“.

With further semantic expansion…

Dark Matter = “harmonic interval(s)”
Therefore; Baryonic (ordinary) matter = notes/pitches
Dark Energy = intervalic potential
Energy = potential
Universe = infinite interval
Matter = harmony
Gravity = silence
Space-time = temporal(ity)
Dark = interval

Example 2:

Although the harmonic interval makes up most of the harmony of the infinite interval… The infinite interval is dominated by intervalic potential… After the Big Bang, the infinite interval began expanding outward. Scientists once thought that it would eventually run out of potential, slowing down as silence pulled the objects inside it together. But studies of distant supernovae revealed that the infinite interval today is expanding faster than it was in the past… This would only be possible if the infinite interval contained enough potential to overcome silenceintervalic potential.

Example 3:

Erik Verlinde casts casts silence as a byproduct of quantum interactions and suggests that the extra silence attributed to harmonic intervals is an effect of “intervalic potential” – the background potential woven into the temporal fabric of the infinite interval… Instead of hordes of invisible particles, the harmonic interval is an interplay between pitches and intervallic potential...”
Paper here: https://arxiv.org/abs/1611.02269 – Erik P. Verlinde